About Us

$hiner Apparel is more than just a clothing brand. It is a community of individuals who dare to be different, who embrace their uniqueness, and who strive to shine bright in their way. Our mission is to empower individuals by celebrating their individuality through custom apparel designs that are bold, innovative, and expressive.

Founded by Michael Jones Jr., $hiner Apparel was born out of a desire to create a brand that spoke to the underdogs and outcasts of society. Michael saw a need for a brand that would not only provide high-quality custom apparel but also a platform for individuals to express their unique personalities and stand out from the crowd. From this vision, $hiner Apparel was born.

At $hiner Apparel, we take pride in our ability to create custom apparel designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. Our team of innovative designers and creative minds work tirelessly to create designs that not only look great but also tell a story.